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ProductHunt Follower Profile Scraper

Extract All the profile data with Emails of the members who have commented on ProductHunt Product Page.  You can scrape the Name, Bio, Website, Twitter, Email and more.

Product Hunt Scraper

Product Hunt Extractor

Product Hunt member email extraction tool

ProductHunt member Email Extraction Tool

Product Hunt member export

Scrape Product Hunt

25000 Credits for $49/per month.

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Free Email Finder LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • 10 Credits are charged if we found the Emails of Product Hunt Members

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Easiest tool for scraping product hunt members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a free plan that gives you 300 free credits. You are charged credits only for unlocking the data. So you can scrape as many commenters profiles as you want with the free plan and use the free/paid plan according to your needs.

Yes, you can scrape the followers or the following of a product profile and find their emails.

You can find emails of around 25-75% of the total members.

There is no limit to the number of profiles you can scrape or the number of followers you can scrape.

Username, Profile_url, Profile_pic, Name, Bio, Website, Twitter-link, Total_made, Total_hunted, Total_following, Total_followers, Topics, Company_domain, Email id, Firstname, Lastname, Domain, Status, Catch_all, Valid_format, Deliverable, Host_exists, Full_inbox, Disposable, Additional_info

No, you don’t require any proxy or VPN to use it. It is safe to use, your IP won’t be blocked.

You are charged 10 credits per email. If no email was found, then you aren’t charged any credits.

You can find the account key from your profile page. (

No, not necessary you can use the extension/tool without signing up for ProductHunt

At the moment the extension is only available on Chrome Browser.

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