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How to Scrape Facebook Group Member Data & Email


Facebook groups have thousands of members & thus make it a challenge to reach out to every member. However, Facebook Group Scraper makes it an easy job. With the help of this tool, you can easily reach out to the members of a Facebook group through their emails. This Facebook group data scraper tool helps you scrape Facebook group data with the email addresses of all the members of the group and lets you mail them individually. It also helps to scrape other data associated with the person.

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Why Do You Need To Reach Out To The Group Members?

  • Increase Your Reach & Sales:

Do you not wish to increase your sales? Who doesn’t! Hence, reach out to them in their mailbox with your propositions and let your brand flourish among a number of new subscribers and potential customers. This way, your brand, and the services reach before more eyes and increases the possibility of sales.

  • Specific Community:

Facebook groups are very specific to a particular niche. Hence, every member who is a part of the group is a person who is specifically interested in the niche. Thus, if the niche resembles the domain your service is based upon, congrats! You are going to get a big pool of potential customers at once.

  • Email Marketing:

Email marketing is flourishing like no other and newsletters are also doing a great deal of marketing assistance. But to make your newsletters work, you need a database of the emails to send the mails to. But where do you get them? Either buy them all or scrape them all with this Facebook group scraper for free.

  • Create Custom Audience

You can easily create a custom audience for your target Facebook users using their email addresses. Thus, you can also increase the visibility of your Facebook ads only to the specific group of users and hence make your ads more effective.


How Do You Do That?

Let’s find out how can you scrape Facebook group Data and how does this Facebook group email scraper works.

Step 1: Hop on to log in to your account, and go straight to the All Tools section. There are all the master tools to push your digital growth easily. Select FB Group Member Extractor.

Step 2: Before you will appear a chrome extension of the tool. Click the link and download the extension from the webstore and add it to the chrome browser. Get the extension.

Step 3: On the top right corner of the browser window, you get to find a list of chrome extensions. Pin the extension of the scraper tool. Click the icon next to and copy the account key from the panel on the extension. Add your email address and authenticate.

Step 4: You’re done! Adding and making the tool ready to use requires just that! Isn’t it easy? We made it so.

Step 5: Open a Facebook group that you want to be scraped for the data. Open the plugin from the top right corner next and start Scraping! The number of members whose data has been scraped will be shown. The total number of members identified by the tool will also be shown.

Step 6: Head back to the Prospectss page and you can find all your data scraped, and ready to use, of the members of the Facebook group. You can download this data and use it however you wish to!

This data of the Facebook group members can thus be utilized in any way to help your business grow and reach out to a more number of potential clients. The data can be downloaded in an excel format as well. The data also stays available on the page in the account until a user wants it to be and hence is accessible anytime. The sheet carrying the data is delivered in a form that is well-formatted and segregated under different headers. It comprises Name, designation, company name, domain name, email address, the status of the email, and other similar things.



  • How many emails can I expect to get out of a group?

You can easily scrape emails of about 15%-40% members of the Facebook group.

  • What details can I find with the Facebook group scraper tool?

Details like name, designation, company name, company domain name, email address, etc. can be found easily.

  • Will the Facebook group scraper tool cause any harm to my Facebook profile?

The tool and the extension is completely safe to use. Thus, it does not affect any social media profile in any negative way.

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