Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How the heck are you able to give unlimited access?

We hated the price of all the other tools. It is just so damn expensive. Understanding how many credits you would require & then choosing a plan was a pain. We went ahead and created a killer tool! All of the good things at an unbeatable price. Few users use less resource, few a LOT! In the end, it is balances out + we've got some secret sauce!

Can I do a bulk lookup?

Yes, you can verify and find leads in bulk.

What does it mean when an email address is marked "accept all"?

When you perform an Email Verification, the result might be "accept all". Some email servers accept all the email addresses on the same domain name, whether they have been created or not. In this case, we can't make sure the tested email address exists and return the "accept all" status.

Can you find and verify Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, Outlook, or other free email address?

No, the tool does not help you find Gmail addresses. Although, this tool helps verify Gmail addresses too for now. However, the accuracy of the verification changes frequently as the providers update their algorithm.

Where can I find the invoice for the plan I paid for?

You shall receive a receipt of your invoice on email

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from your dashboard.

Can I subscribe and then cancel my plan?

Yes you can cancel any time, once you cancel you are shifted to the free plan with 100 credits every month. Although we would hate to see you go :P

Do you have an API?

Yes, we are working on the API. It should be launched pretty soon. You can call our API methods to find leads and verify single emails or bulk lists.

Can I request a feature?

Yes, you can contact our team using the query form and request for a feature.

I found a bug, how to report it?

You can send across the bug to the team using the contact form or share a message with the live chat agent. Thou shalt be rewarded.

I have more questions about Prospectss Lead Finder & Email Verifier tool

We have all the answers to your questions. Our team would love to help you out. Just reach them via the contact form or live chat agent.