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This tool is a quick and easy way to find, verify & search email by domain in bulk. Easily process huge data by uploading your CSV or and getting the desired results.

Unlimited Credits for $49/per month.

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Verify Emails

Check if email, exists, is deliverable, is
the email inbox full etc.

Find Emails

Find email of people using name & company domain.

Search Email by Domain

Find all personal and generic emails for any domain.

Bulk Lookup

Verify Emails & Find Emails in Bulk with manual & CSV uploads.

Domain Email Search Extension

chrome extension to find all personal and generic emails for any domain.

Gmail Auto Followup

Add auto follow up sequences to your regular Gmail emails.

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Gmail Sent Mail Tracker

Keep a track if your emails are being opened or not.

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Gmail Mass Email

Send out mass emails from your Gmail Account.

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LinkedIn Email Finder

Chrome Extension to help you find email from LinkedIn Profiles

Super Cold Emailer

Cold email key people from any company at super speed.

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Guest Post Finder

Get all the websites which accept guest blogs in your niche.

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Competitor Backlinks

Get backlinks of your competitor with emails for easy outreach.

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Influencer Finder

Find influencers in your niche with their contact info.

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Quora Post Finder

Get all relevant quora posts around your topic.

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B2B Lead Search

Get Businesses with their emails for easy cold email outreach.

FB Group Member Extractor

Extract member info & email from Facebook groups.

Linkedin Group Member Extractor

Extract Member info & email from LinkedIn groups.

Full Company Search

Get all the details

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Technology Database

Get websites and their emails filtered by SaaS Technologies.

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Website Technology Lookup

Get all the SaaS products used by the websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can do bulk email find, bulk email verify, bulk search email by domain.

You can upload a .csv file of the data in the bulk lookup. Depending on the amount of data, the bulk lookup will process the data & send across an email once done. Once the data is processed, you will be able to see the results on the history page.

Currently, the limit of the bulk verify tool is 100,000 contacts, bulk find tool is 100,000, and bulk search by domain tool is 1,000 domains. We have the flexibility to modify these limits anytime. If you want us to extend these limits, you can use the Contact Form and let us know why we should increase this limit for you. 

You can just copy and paste the email addresses that are processed by the bulk lookup tool or you can download the results as a CSV and save them locally. 

All details fetched via the bulk lookup will be the same as Find Email tool, Verify Email tool, & Search Email by Domain tool. The only difference is, the Bulk Lookup tool can help you find queries in bulk. 

The charge of the credits are as follows: 

  • 1 credit is charged per email verify
  • 2 credits are charged per successful email find
  • 5 credits are charged per domain for which 1 or more emails were found

"I was paying around $350 per month for multiple products.
I am glad I found this tool. Kudos to the team!"

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